In general, stock trading is considered gambling. However, you'll only hear such things from people whom themselves couldn't do anything significant in the stock market.

But this myth will vanish once you know the actual side of the coin. We have been mentoring hundreds of aspirants consistently only because they dared to step out of their comfort zone.

To make 10,000 people consistent traders by 2022 by delivering them the right mentorship they need in the initial days. With us, you are ready to kick start your journey in the stock market.


We provide backtested and proven knowledge based on price action and many years of practical experience in the stock market.

We keep things simple and serve you the deepest secrets of the market, and later on, let you implement the same with us. 

First, we try to make your basics strong and hence teach you the various concepts involved in the first two months of the course and in the last month, we do live trading and hence the mentor can monitor your mistakes, strengths, and weakness and therefore show you an easier way to self-dependency. 


There's a difference between marketers and educators. We are educators, and hence we just have one course on trading where we provide step-by-step knowledge, from basics to advance, unlike marketers, who have different courses at different prices. We will try our best to help you recover the fees within the course timeline.

Our mission and vision :

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